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Start your journey to the heart of value-based health care (VBHC) by contributing your insights to the ICHOM Conference 2024

Present your abstract on the world’s largest VBHC platforms, in Amsterdam and digitally across the globe – to amplify your work’s impact in the VBHC sphere.
We would like to invite all healthcare stakeholders, researchers and academics, evaluators and regulatory authorities , policy makers, the healthcare industry, service providers and patient and public engagement organisations. This international event will delve into fundamental topics related to value-based healthcare, encompassing a variety of key areas, including:

  • Patient-Important Outcomes Improvement
  • Learning Collaboratives and Benchmarking
  • Patient Engagement and Shared Decision-Making
  • Tech-Enabled Care Delivery
  • Wearable Health Technologies and Healthcare Analytics
  • Health Policy and Payment Reform
  • Addressing outcomes disparities and Emerging Topics in Healthcare

We would specifically like to know how you integrated outcome sets developed by ICHOM into your work and/or organization.

Why submit your abstract?

  • Global Recognition and Outreach Elevate the profile of your organization by presenting your groundbreaking insights and accomplishments, in Amsterdam and online to a global VBHC audience, establishing yourself as a pioneer in healthcare transformation through outcome measurement.
  • Collaboration and Networking Connect and have meaningful discussions with industry leaders and key-decision makers in value-based healthcare, with the invaluable opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions about your work.
  • Abstract Poster Gallery Authors of successful abstracts will be invited to bring their research abstract in poster format which will be displayed during the ICHOM Conference in Amsterdam. They will also be invited to provide a digital version which will be displayed in the virtual ICHOM Abstract Gallery.
  • Live Presentation Authors of the 5 highest-rated abstracts will be invited to provide a short presentation of their research in front of a live audience at the ICHOM Conference in Amsterdam.
  • ICHOM Recognition and Awards Returning for 2024; The winning project, chosen by ICHOM and NEJM Catalyst, will be presented with the ICHOM–NEJM Catalyst Implementation Award at the ICHOM Conference in Amsterdam 20-21 October 2024.*
  • ICHOM Newsletter and Case Studies The top 5 abstracts will receive special recognition in the ICHOM Newsletter following the 2024 Conference and may be adapted into ICHOM case studies.
  • Discounted Conference Registration Authors of submitted abstracts will receive a 10% discount off registration for the ICHOM 2024 Conference. Discount code will be included in the confirmation email after submission.

*NEJM Catalyst Innovations in Care Delivery requests the right of first refusal for publishing the full paper of the winning abstract.

Submit your abstract to join the world’s leading VBHC conference!

Key dates:

Submissions open: 7 March

Deadline for submissions: 31 May

Judging Period: 1 June – 9 August

Shortlist Announcement – 30 August

The deadline for all submissions is 31 May 2024 at 5pm CEST.

We will contact you by Friday 30th August 2024 to let you know if your submission has been successful.

If you have any questions about submitting your abstract, please email events@ichom.org

Please note: Abstracts and cases are not eligible for consideration if they have been presented at any major conference or published previously (whether in print or electronically).