Lisbeth Snede, Founder of Patients Unite, Patients Expert and EIT Health Mentor

Lisbeth Snede has work in the Denmark’s healthcare system, where she has served as a patient advocate at multiple levels, including clinical trials and the formulation of legal frame works. She contributed to diverse initiatives, ranging from user-centered design and clinical trial development to the integration of legal regulations across public healthcare facilities and medical centers. She has extensive experience in fostering cross-professional collaborations as a dedicated and passionate patient expert with 20 years of hands-on involvement.

Lisbeth Snede has built up extensive expertise in promoting interprofessional collaboration as a dedicated patient expert and patients advocate with more than 20 years of experience. She also holds the role of co-leader of the task force for the ambitious project ‘multi-stakeholder initiative Clinical Trials across Europe (EU-X-CT)’. In addition, she has been a mentor for EIT Health and actively participated in MedTech Bootcamps for startups. Most recently, she has mentored the winner of the EIT Health InnoStars Awards in 2023.

Furthermore, she is co-author of an article in the Journal Science as Culture at Maastricht University entitled ‘Co-production of knowledge in drug development: dialogically problematising patient participation.

Her journey as an advocate began in 2000 with the founding of the first diagnostic association and has since included organizing numerous patient events. This culminated in the co-founding of ‘Patient in Focus’ in 2018 and most recently in 2024 with the establishment of Patients Unite.