Shivani Ranchod


My work traverses conscious leadership, health system redesign, independent advisory, mindfulness, emergent organisation building and design, and academia. My work with circanow, a mindfulness movement, reflects my love for meditation, poetry and the power of collective effort. I work closely with Percept, a trans-disciplinary advisory firm and Alignd, a value-based healthcare disruptor. I have a long-standing affiliation with the University of Cape Town: currently as an Adjunct Associate Professor in Management Studies, previously as the head of Actuarial Science. I have also worked closely with the South African Government Technical Advisory Centre (GTAC) as a long-term advisor. The work I do, across all of these capacities, is deeply collaborative and inclusive in nature. My life’s work is to re-build institutions, ways of work, ways of being and forms of ownership based on a deep honouring of our interconnectedness.