Jacquelines Bowman Busato

Jacqueline Bowman brings almost three decades of experience in shaping and transforming EU, national, regional and global health policy into reality.

As a lawyer by education, with an MBA and expertise in Strategic Communications, she formerly led policy for the European Association for the Study of Obesity advocating on behalf of and building policy capacity for 20000+ Health Practitioners, Public Health professionals, researchers and students specialised in the research, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and long term management of the chronic disease of obesity.

An expert with the European Commission, the European Medicines Agency, Jacqueline is dedicated to improving obesity health outcomes and health system performance.
In her volunteer role at the Foundation, she drives strategy and engagement, advocating for the legal rights of people living with obesity.
A peer-reviewed author, Jacqueline’s personal experiences with autoimmune Hashimoto’s and obesity enrich her professional insights. Fluent in French and with basic Dutch skills, she represents a blend of Guyanese (South America), British, and Belgian heritage.