Carisi Anne Polanczyk, MD, ScD, Esc fellow

She is an Associate Professor of Medicine at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), senior researcher from the Brazilian National Agency (CNPq). Head of the Cardiology Service at Hospital Moinhos de Vento, since 2013, and an attending physician at the Cardiology Service at Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre, and. She is the coordinator of the Institute for Health Technology Assessment (IATS/CNPq) and have dedicated the last decades on studies on health economics, technology assessment and use of real-world data, with an emphasis on cost-effectiveness, disease management, and incorporation of technology. Lately, Carisi is working on VBHC implementation and research initiatives, focusing on applying ICHOM standard sets and TDABC methodology. She is a co-founder of PEV consulting firm conducting projects with scientific framework to increase efficiency and value for the health system. Additional studies focus on coronary artery disease and perioperative care, with national and international collaboration. Also, a consultant to the Ministry of Health, a member of the Brazilian HTA Network and Brazilian Society of Cardiology.